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Gold Prospecting

Gold Prospecting

Welcome to GoldProspectingOnline.com, your one stop shop for Gold Prospecting Equipment and Tips.

On this website you will find all of the information you need to become proficient in the art & science of finding, retrieving & refining gold from the mud and rock from which it can be found. But first, let’s delve deeper into the reasons why you should either be finding your own gold using prospecting/metal detecting, or at the very least buying some gold & silver bullion.

Why Prospect for Gold?

Obviously, we all enjoy gold prospecting – it gets us out into nature, we have some fun with friends (or alone), it involves a decent amount of physical exercise & those in a decent gold-rich area with the right knowledge, will make the trip more than worth their while. But there are some sound economic reasons why gold prospecting is a must-have skill both now and in the coming years –


[important]Please note: The following information applies to all Fiat currencies – the US$, Euro, £ Stirling, Yen etc etc.[/important]


In both the US & Europe the central banks are insisting on printing both currencies – the Dollar & Euro, into oblivion. It is a simple fact of economics that the more widely available something is, the less it is worth. Many people believe that this reckless money printing, or quantative easing as they like to call it, will eventually spell the end of all Fiat (government) currency as we know it. There was once a time when each US dollar bill was redeemable, from

Real note, with real money backing it up

1 dollar, with real money backing it up

the banks vault, for REAL MONEY – silver & gold. Take a look at the 1 dollar bill to the left, written on the

bottom it says ‘ONE SILVER DOLLAR PAYABLE TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND’. This dollar bill is a claim-check on real money – silver. Similar to when you go to a pub/niteclub – they give you a ticket with which you can redeem your coat, the value is not the ticket, the value is your coat. The silver existed in the bank vault and must be paid to the bearer upon request

Unfortunately for us, over time this redeemable system was slowly eroded away, eventually President Richard Nixon decided to revoke this system altogether in the 1970s. What this means is that the Central Banks can print as much money as they want because they no longer have to have a redeemable metal in the vault, where at one time they would need an ounce of silver or gold to be PHYSICALLY MINED in order to print a single dollar bill.  Compare the old dollar bill with a 2009 version.

1 DOLLAR 2009

1 dollar, with nothing backing it up

Written on the top it simply says ‘FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE’. It is worth its value in paper & ink – virtually 0.

It is the equivalent of having that same pub/niteclub ticket but with no coat/jacket in the cloakroom.

Nowadays both the Euro & Dollar are created by either running the printing presses or usually by simply typing zeros into a computer screen and pressing Enter (97% of all fiat currency is just numbers on a screen) – this madness will end one day soon, many believe very soon.

The repercussions of these money printing actions are not very well known. but effect every man,woman & child on the planet, i’ll explain below –

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation:

Let’s say that you have worked very hard for the last ten years, paying bills, tuition fees, rent/mortgage etc etc.  During all of this spending you have also managed to save some money, whether it is in the bank, under a mattress or buried in your garden is irrelevant, what is relevant is that you made the mistake of saving in a Fiat Currency rather than silver or gold.

So, let’s say you have saved 10,000$ for arguments sake. Where do you think all of this new money that is being printed/created gets its value from? The answer is very simple but very worrying – It STEALS ITS VALUE from all of the money already in existence. It steals its value from your hard earned savings!!!! Those savings that took you 10 years to build up will buy less, and less, and less. When you think about it you already know this deep down – something that cost 1$ ten years ago now costs 4$ or more. People think that prices always go up, but this is wrong, the value of your money is going down. Eventually this recklessness can end in only one way – hyperinflation. Look at the image below, this is from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it shows the purchasing power of the US Dollar from the period 1913 (which was when the US Central Bank,or Federal Reserve was set up) to 2011, if this graph were to continue to today it would be even worse as the US has since undergone quantatative easing 3 & 4, in other words, they have printed/created trillions more dollars since 2011 –

us dollar value

us dollar value


As you can see from the chart, the US$ has lost a vast amount of its purchasing power, somewhere in the region of 98%. This means that an item that cost 1$ in 1913 would now cost almost 2000$, no that is not a misprint – two thousand dollars. If you had 10000$ back in 1913 you would have been quite wealthy,you could have bought a house, started a business, a brand new Model T Ford and still have plenty left over. Imagine if you had kept that 10000$ in the bank from 1913 until now, what would 10000$ dollars buy nowadays? A half-decent car maybe? So you can see the problem.

Luckily for us, there is a solution to this issue, bear with me and i will explain.

Take a look at this chart below, the answer to the solution should be self-evident. Gold is a finite resource, it must be dug out of the ground at great expense of time and labor. Compare that to the Fiat currencies, which as we know can be created out of thin air on a computer screen. What do you think will happen to the price of gold in dollar terms as they keep creating dollars? –

Gold V Dollar

Gold V Dollar

IT HOLDS ITS VALUE. Look at the chart to the left showing a 100 year gold chart, from 1912-2013.  If you had bought gold with that 10000$ in 1913 rather than leaving it in the Fiat currency you would still be very wealthy. You could have bought 200 ounces of gold at a price of 50$ each, which are now worth well over 1000$ each – you would now  be worth well over 1 million dollars & STILL be able to buy a house, start a business and buy a

100 year gold chart

100 year gold chart

top-of-the-range car, compare that to the person that left their 10000$ in the bank, what can they buy?. Leaving your savings in a Fiat Currency is the worst possible thing you can do, you need to convert those savings into a tangible asset – a home, some land or precious metals.  I personally prefer precious metals because you can buy them in small increments, whereas if you were considering buying land you might have to save for several years – we all know what happens to your savings as they keep creating currency on computer screens ;), it is best to transfer over to precious metal IMMEDIATELY upon receiving your worthless paper money, then when the time is right transfer back over to the paper money to complete the transaction.

Many economists believe that this reckless system of having the power to create currency out of thin air will end with hyperinflation – this means that the value of all currencies will eventually go to their real value – 0. When this process begins people will slowly realise and will start trading their worthless paper money for real money – silver & gold. This will cause the price of silver and gold to skyrocket in dollar terms, eventually leading to the prices being out of reach for the average man and woman on the street. I urge you to send this page and information on to friends and family – it could save their financial future.

For those of you outside the United States that may be under the impression that the above does not affect you, it does. As we know, there was once a time when the US$ was redeemable for precIous metal, for that reason the US$ was appointed to be the World Reserve Currency – that means that all other currencies got their value from the US$.
As we now know, the US$ is no longer redeemable for precious metal and as such has an intrinsic value of 0, it exists and is used only because the general public believe that it is worth something,it is not, it’s a confidence trick. As soon as a large enough number of people realise this, the game is up – people will begin running to the banks, withdrawing their cash and attempting to trade it for something of value, this will also cause bank runs and turmoil in the stock markets. So, if the US$ as the worlds reserve currency is worth 0, what do you think your Euro, Yen, Rubel, Pound Stirling is worth? 😉

After the demise of global Fiat currencies in the coming decade or so due to uncontrolled currency creation and possible hyperinflation, many economists believe we will have no choice but to go back onto a gold standard of some sort – that is, every dollar/euro/£ issued will have to be backed up by physical precious metal in the a bank vault. This precious metal could be either silver or gold, whether silver or gold is used does not really matter, what will matter is if you have ANY precious metals before this happens, because once it does happen and silver and gold re-establish themselves back into the global economy at their correct market value, the prices will be astronomical and most likely out of reach for the average person. However, if you begin to trade your worthless paper money for either of these precious metals now,or start to learn the skills required to prospect for gold yourself, you will be well ahead of the curve and will have your savings on the correct side of this coming global financial mess.

Now that you realise the true value of Gold and also take into account that you can find this beautiful precious metal yourself with some basic tools and knowledge, lets get back to the real reason you came here, hopefully with some added inspiration from reading the information above :).

Gold Prospecting

On this website i will teach you how to start out with gold prospecting, from the old timers tricks of the trade, to using state of the art tools to find previously untapped sources of gold. I have been prospecting as a hobbyist for the past 25 years and have built up a decent amount of knowledge on the subject.

You will find all of your gold prospecting needs on this website – equipment, supplies,tools, prospecting methods, techniques & tips. Whether you’re prospecting for gold in Arizona, California, Colorado, Wa, Queensland, NSW or anywhere else in the world, it’s irrelevant, there will soon be a global gold rush, and you’ve come to the right place – GoldProspectingOnline.com :).