Gold Panning in Ohio

Gold Panning in Ohio can be more easily understood when you take a look at the glacial deposits of the state in the image below. As you can see the glaciers that have passed through Ohio (from Canada) would have left vast deposits of overburden, general glacial alluvium and small quantities of gold and other valuable materials strewn throughout the state such as diamonds, garnets, & silver ore.

These materials would then have been concentrated by rivers, streams, creeks and other geological processes. The gold transported to Ohio from the Canadian Glaciers would have been ground down to mostly flour gold sizes although larger flakes have sometimes been found. This flour gold is harder to find than other types of gold as it usually buries itself deeper into riverbeds than larger golds and extensive work is required to extract it. The good thing about this is that not many people will undertake such work, as a result there is vast amounts of flour gold still lying beneath the rivers of Ohio. This can be attested to by the vast amounts of Gold that can be found in Canada – the glaciers took this gold and literally dropped it onto Ohio.


gold panning in ohio

gold panning in ohio


It is well know that Lake Erie in Ohio (as well as the other great lakes) have vast quantities of gold deep within them, gold has also been found around the edges of Lake Erie, these are most likely to be bench deposits within the banks of the lake. The gold within these lakes is mainly due to the glaciers that formed them – as they melted in the depression that would become Lake Erie the vast quantities of material the glacier scraped up during its travels would also have ended up at the bottom of the lake, a lot of money could by made by dredging these lakes and then panning of the gold or sending it through a sluice box aboard the dredger.


Gold panning Locations in Ohio

People have successfully panned gold in the following locations in Ohio -

  • Minerva Creek
  • Sandy Creek
  • the West and Middle forks of the Little Beaver Creek
  • Wayne county -  Wooster & Fredricksburg
  • Clearfork River
  • Bellville
  • Zuck
  • Lucusville
Gold panning in Ohio is not a regular past-time for the local people, as a result there may be a lot more gold deposits in the county that have yet to be discovered, this can be achieved by studying the geology of the local area, learning to read such geological maps and also learning about ow gold is deposited and where it is most likely to settle. To learn more about gold panning in Ohio you might be able to find some local gold maps of the are from this page – Gold panning maps in Ohio.