Gold Prospecting Equipment

Gold Prospecting Equipment

gold prospecting supplies

gold prospecting equipment

Gold Prospecting Equipment is half of the equation of a successful gold finding expedition, the other half is knowledge –  you can have all the energy & knowledge in the world yet without the right gold prospecting supplies you will recover no gold whatsoever, likewise you can have all the gold prospecting tools in the world yet without some basic knowledge you will also find absolutely ZERO gold. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced old timer you need to know as much as you can about how your equipment works, why it works and how to take care of it.

For those of you who are new to gold prospecting & the equipment involved i will list each item below, these will range from beginner level prospectings tools all the way up to expert highbankers, sluice boxes,rock crushers and pumps.

Beginner Gold Prospecting Equipment

In the basic prospectors kit you will need a gold pan, classifier, snuffer bottle and also some paydirt to hone your skills before setting off on a trip in the real world. Learn more here – basic gold prospecting equipment.

Intermediate Gold Prospecting Equipment

Intermediates that are familiar with how to pan gold & where to find gold would be ready to take the next step up to sluice boxes, highbankers and water pumps. These can all be found in the intermediate gold prospecting equipment pages.

Expert Gold Prospecting Equipment

People in known gold rich areas would be best off by going all out – go big or go home. Larger equipment is more cost effective over the  Expert gold prospecting equipment includes pioneer pumps, rock crushers, trommels & fine gold recovery systems, learn more here – Expert Gold Prospecting equipment.