Basic Gold Prospecting Equipment

Basic Gold Prospecting Equipment

Below is a list of the most basic equipment required, these items are absolutely essential to any prospector. Each item can be bought individually by clicking on them or as a group in a prospecting kit, this would be cheaper and a more sensible decision in my opinion. Full kits are available at the bottom of the page.


The most fundamental part of your gold prospecting equipment is without doubt the Gold Pan – everyone interested in gold prospecting requires a gold pan, from a complete novice, all the way up to a claim owner testing his own land for sweet spots and paystreaks. It has been tried and tested for over 200 hundred years and has retained its fundamental form, shape and function, although some slight modifications have been made with the riffle systems and lighter materials have been utilized.  The pan shown to the right is one of the cheapest available on the internet. Gold Panning is essentially a way of separating the heavier gold from the worthless lighter parts of the river gravels. You will usually receive a small and large gold pan in a standard gold prospecting kit. These page will show you How a Gold Pan works and How to Use a Gold Pan.

Gold Paydirt is an essential requirement for practising your gold panning skills. The paydirt shown here is guaranteed to contain pickers as well as miniscule gold – this will hone your gold panning skills.


The Snuffer Bottle

A snuffer bottle is a small vacuum powered container that is used to suck gold out of your pan. Without this device it is almost impossible to get the smallest of gold out of your pan without losing it.





A classifier is a tool for excluding larger rocks and stones from your diggings before you pan them, the vast majority of the time (99.99%) these rocks are worthless and just impede your prospecting speed . On a side note – if you are in good a known good gold bearing location it can put your mind at ease to run over the tailings from the classifier with a metal detector if you have one.

With just these basic tools you could go on a fun family expedition or carry out some prospecting research before a larger expedition. A decent prospector could make a living (& many do) with just these tools. However to make a living with just this basic equipment you would need to know where there is a large unknown source of gold, for the rest of us, we will need slightly more tools and work slightly harder :). With the equipment mentioned above you could also get your panning skills up to speed, learn more here – practice gold panning.

All of these tools can be purchased as one large kit depending upon your needs, our shop at the bottom of this page contains more information as well as some of our previous customer reviews.