Gold Snuffer Bottle

Gold Snuffer Bottle

The gold snuffer bottle is among the most important pieces of gold recovery equipment. The bottle is essentially a micro-pump used for sucking up the small to very small pieces of gold that you find in your gold pan. A bottle like this will save you precious time and also ensure that you do not lose your precious gold while out in the field, this has happened to me a couple of occasions when i set my collected gold in a spare pan – which i then went and knocked over, thankfully i learned my lesson and i IMMEDIATELY suck any gold i find into the snuffer bottle for safe keeping. The snuffer bottlle can fall in any orientation, it will not allow the gold to escape.


Gold Recovery Equipment - Snuffer Bottle

Gold Recovery Equipment – Snuffer Bottle


How the Gold Snuffer Bottle works

A typical gold snuffer bottle has a small tube protruding from it, this is placed into the gold pan on top of the small gold, you then squeeze the snuffer bottle, the resulting change in atmospheric pressure inside the bottle sucks the gold up into the snuffer bottle.

The snuffer bottle also has a simple mechanism whereby once the gold has been sucked into the bottle it cannot come back out again unless the lid is taken off, this is a similar mechanism as those used in lobster and crab pots.

Once your gold is in the snuffer bottle you can rest assured that it is going to stay there, the bottle can also be used during a clean up at home. You can then easily transfer your gold to a glass vial for long term safe storage.

 Where to buy a Gold Snuffer Bottle

It is very hard to come across individual gold snuffer bottles on their own, apart from say physically walking into a gold prospecting store – many of which are no longer in business as most are online nowadays. Generally speaking the best way to get a snuffer bottle is to buy it as part of the gold panning/prospecting kit, which also features the majority of the rest of the tools you will need for a successful future in gold prospecting.