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Gold Metal Detectors

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Gold Metal Detectors¬†are undoubtedly among the coolest tools in the world. There are some great products on the market nowadays, ranging from inexpensive detectors for hobby enthusiasts right up to professional grade gold metal detectors that you could make a living from. In fact some people do make a living using them. You may have noticed that i made a point of calling this page “Gold Metal Detectors“, the reason for that is a simple on – not all metal detectors can find gold, they need to be modified with different coils, transmitters and receivers etc.

My personal favorite Gold Metal Detector would have to be the Minelab GPX5000, if you watch the video below you will see why, this guy has unearthed over 1 million Australian Dollars worth of gold from the outback, very impressive, this one 6 1/2 ounce gold nugget easily pays for the Minelab GPX5000 and also leaves a little bit of spare change –


[warning] Please note, bad language used during this video, if there are children present please mute the audio [/warning]


My Favourite Gold Metal Detector – The Minelab GPX5000




Obviously not everyone has the kind of money to be spending on the MinelabGPX5000, if you do however i would recommend it as it is the best gold metal detector on the market, it will pay for itself within a year and if you are in a decent gold bearing area, it will pay for itself in less time.

Gold Metal Detectors in order of price

Below i have compiled a price and review of gold metal detectors ranging from the¬†cheapest to the most expensive, these include Fisher,Garrett and Minelab models. Please note that there are cheaper makes out there, but they’re just not worth it, you will have a bad experience with those models and your metal detecting days will soon be over, As always you can click on any of the products to see our previous customer reviews.