Metal detecting sand scoop

Metal detecting Sand Scoop

metal detecting sand scoop

metal detecting sand scoop

The metal detecting sand scoop is used to scoop sand in large quantities. With a few shakes the sand will fall through the holes in the scoop and leave behind your treasure, hopefully a diamond encrusted gold ring :).

This scoop is galvanized and therefore very resistant to the conditions found at any beach. Always remember to remove all of your finds from a beach – it makes the beach cleaner and safer and will also save you re-finding the same things next time round.

How to use the metal detecting sand scoop

To use the sand scoop you simply use the metal detector to pick up a source of metal. When you have found something promising you dig up the area with the sand scoop, & then pass the sand scoop in front of the metal detector, if it does not react with the metal detector discard and take another scoop. Eventually you will find the metal source that is interfering with your metal detector, you then simply shake the sand scoop from side to side – the sand should fall through the holes in the sand scoop and you’llĀ  either be left with a ring-pull or hopefully something more valuable :).

Metal Detecting sand scoop modifications

metal detecting sand scoop with handle

Generally speaking metal detectorists will fit a pole to the sand scoop, this allows them to scoop sand over long periods of time without getting fatigued from bending down and back up which will eventually tire you out and over prolonged periods could lead to minor back injuries.

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