Intermediate Gold Prospecting Equipment

Intermediate Gold Prospecting Equipment

For the next stage of gold prospector, the tools get a little larger and a little bit more expensive,then again, all prospectors know the old saying –


Intermediate gold prospecting tools include Sluice Boxes, High Bankers, Hand Dredges,Hand-Cranked Trommels, Rock Crushers,Blue Bowls, Flour Gold Recovery Systems etc.

Let’s look at some of these products in more detail to see how they work and if they are suitable for your needs.

First up is the Sluice Box. Sluice Boxes are an easier and quicker way of separating the worthless gravels from your gold, essentially you are allowing the river flow (or a powered flow) to do most of the panning work, all that’s left for you to do is to Pan the concentrates that are left in the riffles or matting of the Sluice Box. I would make a rough estimate that a sluice box increases gold recovery times by a factor of 20 over panning alone, it might even be possibly higher.


if you would like to learn more about sluicing, please go here – Sluicing for Gold. If you would like to browse the sluice boxes we have available, go here – Sluice boxes.



High Bankers are very similar to sluice boxes but they have a powered water flow using a water pump. highbankerThey sometimes have a greater surface area for the gold to pass over therefore they catch more of it – some highbankers can look like two of three standard sluice boxes folded in onto themselves, the images will clarify that statement a little. With a controlled water flow it is easier to separate the gold from the gravels.



A lot of highbankers can also incorporate grizzly bars into the ore processing section – these grizzly bars discard larger rocks that may upset the flow of water. You can browse our catalogue of Highbankers here – Highbankers.