Large Sluice box for sale

Large Sluice box for Sale

large sluice box for gold

large sluice box for gold

This large sluice box for sale is made of aluminum and therefore lightweight. It has a carrying handle, V Mat, riffles, expanded metal and a layer of ribbed carpet beneath and also a removable flair depending on the amount of water flow you require.

Sluice Box for Gold Specs :

The main aluminum body is 30 inches in length and 7 inches in width. The overall weight is approx 3 lbs.

The  Mat at the beginning of the sluice box is to inspect the gold that you are catching, gold found here would be small gold but it will indicate that you are indeed in a good spot.

The riffles are made from steel but are zinc plated for durability and to resist corrosion from the elements. The riffles can also be removed from to sluice box for easy extraction of the black sands and gold for final clean up.

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