Where to Find Gold on a Beach

Where to Find Gold on a Beach

Knowing where to find gold on a beach will save you a lot of time and drastically increase your chances of finding either a) a beach placer or b) lost gold – gold rings, bracelets etc.


Where to find Placer Gold on a Beach

a) In the case of placer gold, it can be seen to congregate over time in certain areas, this is due to the action of the waves as well as the physical geography of the beach itself. Beach placer gold can shift its location from season to season dependent upon the strength and variations in the local conditions.

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How to Find Lost Gold on a Beach

b) In the case of lost gold such as gold rings and other such jewellery, it can be found basically anywhere on a beach – wherever a person might sit or lie. This gold will generally lie exactly where it was lost as its weight will usually not allow it to move far from its original location.

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How to Find Gold Where you Live

You may also be interested in finding out if there is gold in the rivers/streams and creeks where you live. This includes you doing some basic research of your local area and also seeing if there are existing gold maps and or claims in your area, find out more on my page – How to Find Gold where you Live.