Where to find Large Gold

Where the find gold Flakes & Nuggets – The WOW Gold

If you have not already, please read the previous page on where to find gold where you live, or where to find gold in a river.

On this page i will teach you where to look for the big dollars, the gold flakes & nuggets, if you find a decent place where either of these are in abundance you can make a small fortune in one day. I would recommend reading about the types of gold deposits first before continuing if you have not already.

There are several places in a river that you can find Large Gold –

  • Ancient Riverbeds
  • High Benches
  • Eddy Current Locations

The most profitable of these three locations would be the high benches and ancient riverbeds, these may not have been prospected before and may have lay in place accumulating gold for thousands of years.

Eddy current locations are usually caused by a natural obstruction in the river, this could be a large boulder or maybe even a drop in the bedrock which would cause a miniature waterfall type feature. Gold will accumulate here as the water will create an eddy current or vortex and trap the gold as the turbulence will allow the gold to stay in position.