Protect your Wealth with Gold

Investing in Gold to protect your wealth


As you may be able to tell from my way of speaking on the website, I like to say things as they are, no beating around the bush, just straight to the point. So here it is – There’s a reason why i became interested in gold prospecting many years ago, that reason is very simple – i realized through my own research that our current financial system is one giant con, it might  even be the greatest con in the history of mankind. Gold is one of the only ways to escape this trick. Rather than explain my position through several thousand words (the con is complicated), i would rather that you watch this short video. Watch and listen to it closely and let it sink in,  this type of information is rare but very important for both you,your immediate family & your friends –

Everything within the video above is 100% fact, if you continue researching this subject you will soon come to realize that this is actually how the financial system functions. If you have taken on board everything that was said you should now be somewhere between mild alarm,disbelief,anger and outright panic. Us peasants work between 8-12 hours a day for something that can be conjured up out of thin air with the push of a few buttons on a keyboard.
Do you think this financial model is fair? I certainly do not. Or do you think this model has been carefully engineered to slowly leech the wealth from every man,woman and child on the planet? I most certainly believe so and most recent figures back this up – the richest 62 people on the planet own over half the worlds wealth. You might be thinking, ok, that would be Bill Gates of Microsoft, maybe Elon Musk of Paypal & Tesla Motors fame? You’d be wrong. The richest 62 people on the planet almost all belong to the great banking families, they have not earned their money through ingenuity,business acumen and invention like the two aforementioned men, they have “earned” their money through deception ,cunning and most importantly by having billions of dollar worth of loans with interest added on top – all for money that never existed in the first place.

The people that own this financial system are more powerful than any President or Head of State will ever be. Who has more power, the President of the United States or the people that he has to go to in order to create currency for his country so that he can pay the police,army and all government officials? If this money was not forthcoming the would be revolution on the streets within a week. An interesting thought.

Unfortunately, there is very little the average man or woman can do about this situation as this scam has now dug its tentacles deep within the fabric of our societies and into almost all governments of the world. Any government that has not yet adopted this model is currently being turned into an enemy of democracy (ha) by the mainstream media (which these same people and their friends own). But, that’s enough of politics, this is a gold prospecting website :).

What you CAN do about it

I soon realized that their was one thing that i could do in an effort to escape this scam – i could buy some fairly cheap tools, arm myself with some basic knowledge and i could go out into the wilderness and extract a beautiful metal from the Earth that will always retain its value and is not controlled by people hell bent on taking over the world through sleight of hand parlour tricks. The only reason this website exists is because i found out this scam and i wanted to do something about it, both for myself,my family & friends & for humanity as a whole. The current system is unfair, immoral and also very dangerous. Gold has several things going for it that our financial system will never have –


  • It cannot be created out of thin air
  • it cannot be printed by the billions so that it slowly loses its value
  • It cannot have fictional interest added onto it
  • it holds its value over long periods of time
  • it is virtually indestructible
  • it is accepted as a medium of exchange anywhere in the world

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to live in a location where gold can be sifted and shaken from the earth, for that reason i would recommend that people convert as much of their fictional currency into hard assets as soon as they possibly can. Any spare cash that i have i convert into physical objects, whether that be 1/10th of an ounce of gold or 50 long-life tins of tuna is irrelevant, either option is worth more than a constantly devaluing piece of paper with fancy ink on it.  By assets i mean property, food stores, ammunition & precious metals. Essentially anything physical is worth more than the paper fiction we carry around with us in our wallets and purses. Gold & Silver are by far the best bet for protecting your wealth – if anything ever happens to the financial system (which is almost guaranteed with the current model), people will usually try to convert their cash into gold or silver as soon as they possibly can. Unfortunately for the average joe and jane soap this also increases the price of gold very quickly. By the time people realize what is happening, gold and silver prices are beyond their reach. Meanwhile, the people behind the system will have converted their cash into REAL money long before anyone knew a problem even existed.

If you can prospect for gold where you live, great, do it, extract as much of that beautiful yellow metal as you can,  i am happy to offer the information from this website enabling people to do so. For those not lucky enough to have gold bearing localities nearby,  i have attached below some of the gold coins that we offer, even if you do not purchase from me it is very important that you understand this scam and purchase some precious metal elsewhere. You will thank me one day :).