Where to buy gold

Where to Buy Gold for beginners

Knowing where to buy gold is a question that is being asked more and more these days. Gold is essentially the only TRUE currency, paper money is literally not worth the paper its printed on, its simply a complicated form of an IOU. With Europe currently teetering on the brink of collapse and the possibility of it bringing the dollar down with it i foresee a future large spike in the price of gold. I would also imagine that these spikes may be so great that the price of gold could double or even triple overnight at the start of the coming crisis. While this may sound unrealistic and rather scary (which it is) there is also a sliver lining to that cloud – whenever there are large jumps in the value of precious metals, there are large profits to be made. For example, if you were to buy gold today it will cost you in and around 1600$ per ounce, now while this may seem like a lot i think it will be regarded as cheap with what’s coming down the line. I’ll divulge the reasons why i think this is going to happen further on in the article but be warned, it does not make for pleasant reading.

where to buy gold

where to buy gold

Gold is available to purchase from literally thousands of places nowadays and you need to be careful before doing so – as in any large market there are many unscrupulous characters that will take advantage of those who are not familiar with buying/selling or investing in gold. As such it is essential that you are also aware as to how to buy gold and also why to buy gold.

Where Gold can currently be purchased

As recently as 20 years ago the only places where gold could be bought were –

  • jewelers
  • central banks
  • gold bullion dealers

In the past number of years though the buying and selling of gold has moved with the times, especially with the internet. Gold can now be bought with the click of a mouse, this includes¬† Amazon.com, online gold bullion dealers, local cash for gold shops in your own area, Numismatic stores, gold prospecting websites (usually small gold nuggets) and probably strangest of all – VENDING MACHINES. Yes that’s right, in Germany and several other European countries gold can literally be purchased from a vending machine, obviously these vending machines are way above average prices and you would be better off buying online, but we’ll cover that at a later date.

Each of the examples above has pros and cons and some are a better investment than others. For example if you were to invest in gold you can log onto your account and watch day by day as the gold price rises and falls, however if you buy physical gold bullion not only do you have an investment but you also have actual currency in your hand, in my opinion this is the safest option with the turmoil we are currently witnessing and i do believe it will get worse – i expect a lot of losses in the coming weeks and months in gold investments and stocks, as the global economic collapse enters its earliest stages however i also expect these to recover at a later date.

So, lets get to the reason you came here – where to buy gold.

Where is the best place to buy gold

If you ask this question anywhere on the internet each question will be different, this is for one simple reason – they all want to sell you THEIR gold. I am impartial on this website, i do not sell gold and as a result i will not give you skewed tips or advice, i will simply give you my own personal opinion which you may or may¬† take, I’ll leave that up to you.

I have being buying gold for almost a year now and following both the gold price and the general news about gold. The general consensus among those in the know is that the American federal banks are keeping the price of gold at an unrealistically low value – they do this by adding or subtracting the amount of gold they have in their reserves into the main markets – simple supply and demand, add more gold to deflate the gold price, take some away to inflate the gold price. This tactic may have worked in the past but in the very near future this system will fail due to the immense supply for gold that will occur almost instantaneously when the general public realizes the extent of the problem and tries to offset their stocks or shares in gold, some people may simply want to convert their cash to gold – the dollar and euro will almost certainly devalue while the price of gold will rise.

For me personally i have been buying gold bars and coins online from Amazon.com (i have several one ounce gold bars and a couple of gold coins) which i currently have in my possession and i have also invested a small sum in gold trading online. That way i have both physical gold and also a gold investment which i can sell whenever i see fit – I’m gonna hang on to both until i think gold has reached its highest value and then sell the shares but maybe hang onto the bars and coins and i may even buy more with my profits from the shares. I think its always safer to have actual PHYSICAL gold, governments may even be forced to take drastic actions over the stocks markets which may deem your gold investments worthless.