Where to find Gold

Where to Find Gold

where to find gold

where to find gold

If you are on this page looking to find out of there is gold where you live, you may want to browse through our gold maps & books section..If you are looking for Where to find gold in a known gold bearing location, please go to this page – Where to find gold in a river.

There’s an old saying in gold prospecting – “Gold is where you find it”.
This saying is still around because it remains true, gold can be found almost anywhere on the planet, the only way you can TRULY KNOW if there is gold in your area is to begin prospecting in the rivers, streams and cracking rocks open. As you will learn on the Gold Facts page, gold is among the heaviest of all elements in the whole universe, it will sink to the bottom of any river or stream and will dig itself down as far as possible – gold could be in the stream right next to your house and you will not know unless you go digging and panning.

Areas where gold has been found have been mapped throughout the centuries,from rough sketches by an old gold digger in The Yucatan to the most technologically advanced geological surveys by large gold mining companies, gold containing areas are among the most extensively surveyed areas on Earth, as a result, there are plenty of resources to find information about gold in your area. The only time you may not be aware of a gold bearing locality is if a person, like yourself, found a previously unknown location and is keeping it all to him or herself , and rightly so, finders keepers :).

Where to Find Gold where you live

An obvious starting point to find out if & where gold has been found in your area is the internet, do a quick search of your area name + gold mines or gold maps. If such a place does exist google should find it for you. You can do a quick search from this google search bar. Don’t forget to come back to us after you have found a map and we wll show you how to find the gold :).



If you have had no luck using Google, you might have better luck searching through the extensive map collection at Amazon, these are mainly documenting North America & Australia, here are some of the maps that i have found – California Gold Maps, Detailed Californian Gold Maps, Alaskan Gold Maps, Mexican Gold Maps, Western Australia Gold Maps, Victoria Gold Maps Australia, African Gold & Diamond Maps.

Another place to search would be the Geological Society to your own country or area. They will usually supply you with detailed maps and information for a small fee, usually just the price of the printing of the map and delivery, probably less than ten dollars – a decent investment for such important information. Do a quick search for your local Geological Society and see what information they have available, they are usually very helpful.

Hopefully you have found that gold does indeed exist in your area or at least a short driving distance away. Now you need to learn where to find the gold as it is in situ, this could be in a river, an ancient river that no longer runs, a dry bench, old ravine, its original source and many other places which we will learn about further on. This involves a basic understanding of the physical characteristics of gold as well as some Geology, both of which will give you an advantage in finding gold.

First, we have to start with the physical characteristics of gold

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