Where to find gold in Alabama

Below i have compiled a list of places where you can find gold in Alabama, they are in alphabetical order. Please note, our Gold Maps & Books section may be of more assistance as we have GPS maps showing exact location of disused claims within many of the United States.

Chilton County

Nuggets weighing up to 4 ounces have been reported from Blue Creek, a short tributary of the Coosa River in the southeastern part of the county.


Along Mulberry Creek, about 2 miles below Honeycutts Mill for some distance above, the Mulberry Creek Placers, productive in the early days. All the tributaries contain placer gold.


In the Verbena area all the streams and creeks surrounding the corners of Chilton, Coosa and Elmore Counties contain placer gold. On Blue Creek, the Rippatoe placers, discovered in 1835 to become a famous property with mining continuing vigorously until 1855. The gold gravels extend about 1 mile in a valley and not more than 200 yards wide. Fine gold and Nuggets are reported. On Rocky Creek, there are also some rich placer workings, but it has been worked and reworked often. Large nuggets have been recovered from these sites

Clay County

The Manning Placer, consist of old diggings along tributaries of Crooked creek, which were landmarks of 1830’s and 40’s. You will find thin quartz veins nearby that produce placer and lode gold.  The Tallapoosa River shoal sands show placer gold.

The Chinca Pina Property was an open cut, inclined shaft, with several prospect holes, with best panning in surface gravel contained placer gold. The Haraldson Mine was an old mine. The California Property was the site of 10 stamp mill and had gold obtainable by crushing and panning

South of Lineville in area streams emptying into Crooked Creek, the placers are said to be very rich.


Cleburne County

 Fifty years after the discovery of gold, nearly 30,000 ounces were produced in Cleburne county, mostly in the Arbacoochee district in the southern part of the county Most of the gold came from placer deposits near Gold Hill and Clear Creek. All area streams and their tributaries in the Arbacoochee Mining District, which includes the northern part of Randolph County, is reportedly the richest placer ground in Alabama. All area streams and tributaries in the Chulafinnee Mining District, west of the Arbacoochee District, had significant early placer mining operations.

The Middlebrook Property is reported to have rich panning.

Along Chulafinnee Creek and its tributaries, the Chulafinnee placers, was gold rich gravels under 6 foot of overburden.  The Carr Creek Placer is 240 acres of clay and gravel that contains placer gold. Area watercourse gravels and sands contain placer gold. The Arbacoochee Placer was the most extraordinary gold placer deposit in Alabama, covering 600 acres on top and sides of Gold Hill, once giving employment to 600 men. The Clear Creek placers were long famed for its rich production. The Pritchet Property had panning gold.

Coosa County


This county has widely scattered prospects along Weogufka Creek, Hatchett Creek and Rockford Placers. Along Weogufka Creek is where the Weogufka Creek Placer and is said to contain pans that run 4-20 colors a pan.  At Alum Bluff, near mouth of Hatchett Creek, the Hatchett Creek Placer Mine, gravels were rich enough to have kept 50 men working in 1840, the source of gold was probably in nearby quartz vein carrying decomposed pyrite.

 Along Gin House Branch and Carrol and Pole branches was the location of the Rockford Placer which was productive in early years.

 Randolph County

 Area streams and branches near Wedowee are most productive. Regional watercourse and bench sands and gravels, placer gold is found.

 Near Omaha gold colors are reported in the streams.

 n Wedowee, the area creek sands and gravels along the Tallapoosa River have good gold placers. A mine on Wedowee Creek is said to contain lode gold, but nearby stream gravels have placer gold.

 Talladega County

 Area branches and benches along Talladega Creek are said to contain placer gold.

Tallapoosa County


Placer gold is found in all streams draining the Devil’s Backbone Mining District, which extends south into Elmore County, west of the Tallapoosa River, and northeast into Chambers County. Area streams and tributaries of the Eagle Creek Mining District, in the central part of the county. Area streams and branches in the Goldville Mining District, northeast of Alexander City. Several gold bearing streams and branches are located within the Talladega National Forest.