Gold Prospecting in Alabama

gold prospecting in alabama - chilton

gold prospecting in alabama – chilton

Gold Prospecting in Alabama began in 1830 following a chance discovery of gold along the Blue and Chestnut Creeks. These gold prospecting locations would last for almost ten years until the discovery of gold in California – this proved to be much more lucrative an d the prospectors in Alabama soon abandoned their posts for more favorable gold. These prospecting locations were worked on and off between the two World Wars but seem to have almost been completely forgotten about by the vast majority of people – even though they would still contain vast quantities of gold.

Gold Prospecting Locations in Alabama

Gold in Alabama forms in either lode or placer gold, this means that it can either be found in flake or grain form. All types have been found in the following locations –


  •  Bradford Fraction produced lode gold.
  • The Goldberg Mine
  • Between forks of White Oak and Wesobulga creeks
  • South of Erin in gravel bars of Gold Mines Creek, you will find placer gold
  • The Eley Mine
  • The Chinca Pina Property
  • The Haraldson Mine
  • The Alabama Gold and Mica Company Mine
  • The Harall Gold Mine was once rich producer of lode gold.
  •  The Shinker Mine was a minor lode gold deposit.
  •  The Laurel pits contained gold in decomposed granite
  •  The Horn’s Peak Mine
  •  The California Property
  • Hog Mountain and the Hillabee mine
  •  Blue Creek, a tributary of the Coosa River
  • Mulberry Creek, The Franklin Mine –  All the tributaries contain placer gold.
  • Verbena – all the streams and creeks surrounding the corners of Chilton, Coosa and Elmore Counties contain placer gold.
  • Rocky Creek, there are also some rich placer workings
  • Cragford district – the Grizzle Property
  • The Manning Placer – Crooked creek, thin quartz veins nearby that produce placer and lode gold.
  • The Farrar Property
  •  The Morris Property contained ore in formation that was traceable 1 mile northeast to the Tallapoosa River.
  • The Tallapoosa River shoal sands show placer gold.
  • At Wildcat Hollow, the Teakle Property consisted of a deep shaft known as the Orum Pit, produced lode gold. Adjacent to Wildcat Hollow, the
  • The Prospect Tunnel
  • South of Lineville in area streams emptying into Crooked Creek, the placers are said to be very rich.
  • Arbacoochee district in the southern part of the county.near Gold Hill and Clear Creek
  • Hillabee – quartz veins containing gold
  • Randolph County, is reportedly the richest placer ground in Alabama
  • The Anna Howe Mines
  • The Marion White Property
  • The Bennefield Property
  • The Eckles Property
  • The Middlebrook Property is reported to have some of the richest gold prospecting in Alabama
  • Weogufka Creek Placer and is said to contain pans that run 4-20 colors a pan
  • Hatchett Creek Placer Mine, gravels were rich enough to have kept 50 men working in 1840
  • Devil’s Backbone
  • Eagle Creek
  • Goldville,
  • Hog Mountain

As you can see Alabama is awash with gold, it would be difficult not to find any :).

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