Where to find gold in Arizona

where to find gold in arizona

Arizona is a very large state, knowing where to find gold will save you a lot of time and more importantly, gold :).   Please note, our Gold Maps & Books section may be of more assistance as we have GPS maps showing exact location of disused claims within many of the United States.

Arizona has a rich gold prospecting history. Only one hundred miles away from Phoenix Arizona are the Weaver Mountains. The gold in the Weaver Mountains is suitable to be sluiced, panned and there are even nuggets big enough to be easily detected with a half decent metal detector.

Even more exciting is the fact that due to Arizona’s desert-like weather, the surrounding lands have remained almost unchanged for millions of years, this can only mean one thing -METEORITES!!!  A rare meteorite can be worth several times the price of a comparable sized nugget of gold. These can also be found with a metal detector, but that’s enough of the meteorites, lets get back to the gold.

Where people have been Finding Gold in Arizona through history

Arizona has some of the richest placer gold deposits on the face of the Earth. In fact, gold is the reason why the city of Phoenix exists, and also why Arizona is such a wealthy state. Gold prospecting has been going on in Arizona for almost 400 years, since the arrival of the Spanish.

However, it wasn’t until the discovery of The Vulture Gold Mine by Henry Wickenburg that things really took off, it is estimated that this gold mine alone produced almost 200 million dollars worth of gold and an estimated 200 million more that was unaccounted for  ;), 18 men were hanged for these offenses that we know of, it was most likely considerably more. The Vulture Gold Mine was closed during World War 2 while it was still profitable, it would be more profitable if it were to reopen with today’s gold prices and i would not be surprised if it opened back up in the near future. Since those early days of Arizona Gold mining, the beautiful yellow metal has essentially been found strewn all over the state in varying amounts and densities.

 Where find gold in Arizona by locality

Gold can be found throughout the state of Arizona. It is ranked 8th in the US for the amount of gold it has produced but probably should be much higher, the reason Arizona’s Gold is harder to get than other states is due to its geographical make up and sometimes inhospitable environment – a lot of Arizona’s gold would be found in places where people cannot prospect for too long. The following Counties within Arizona have a rich gold prospecting history –

  • Apache County
  • Cochise County
  • Bisbee District
  • Turqoise District
  • Tombstone District
  • Dos Cabezas District
  • Coconino County
  • Gila County
  • Banner District
  • Globe-Miami District
  • Graham County
  • Greenlee County
  • Ash Peak District

 and many more besides.

If you would like to learn more about Gold Prospecting or finding gold in Arizona you can find more detailed information from these books available through –

Arizona placer gold locations

Arizona placer gold locations


Arizona Gold Placer Locations –  A reprint of the Original US Geological Survey Bulletin 1355. This publication is a catalog of locations, Geology, and production from the placer districts of Arizona. Over 90 Arizona Placer District covered in this publication, many of which still produce placer gold in the streams and riverbeds within the book.
arizona lode gold

arizona lode gold

Arizona Lode Gold Mines and Gold Mining was originally published in 1934 by the Arizona Bureau of Mines Bulletin 137 and covers information on most of the known gold mines in the state of Arizona at the time. A little history is given on the types of Gold Deposits that are formed in Arizona and some Arizona gold mining history. The rest of the book is devoted to the various gold districts in the state. Over 40 Mining Districts and 150 various mines are covered in this book not to mention general claims and areas discussed. If you are looking for gold then the best places to look are near where it has been found before and in Arizona this book will tell you where those locations are along with a little history on the production and geology of each mine. You know the old saying – if you know where the source of the gold is, you can figure out where the residual gold has gone ;).


arizonas little known gold placers

arizonas little known gold placers


Arizona’s little known Gold Placers – This is more of a guide than a book,the author will lead you right to the sight of gold placers and acts as a personal guide for getting the prospector off the beaten path by supplying photos and directions to lesser-known placers throughout the state, the book contains 128 pages and is very well laid out. Some of the photos are rather old and the landscapes have changed, however the prospector should still be able to navigate easily using this great old timer’s book.