Where to find Gold in Michigan

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It is thought that many gold placer locations were known in Michigan by the people living there a long time ago and these have either never been passed down to its current inhabitants, or more likely only passed down through a select few – many people agree that there are some folk in the state that make quite a handsome living from keeping the areas where gold can be found a secret.

However, Michigan does have some problems when it comes to where you can find gold – almost the entire state is covered with a thick layer of glacial deposit, this means that any gold bearing gravels are buried deep beneath this overburden, the best locations where gold can be found are low lying areas or places where a river (or ancient river) has cut a large gash through this and created a deep gorge.

Gold that has been found in Michigan is generally flour gold, it is very rare to get nuggets or large flake gold, apart from some rivers and creeks in the Oakland area but even here it is rare.

Locations where gold HAS been found in Michigan

Gold has been found in Traverse City, Athens, Glennie, Gladwin, Ralph (Ford River and tributaries), the Yellow Dog and Salmon Trout Rivers. Gold bearing rocks have been noted near Rocking Chair lakes on The Mulligan Plains, the rivers, creeks and tributaries around here might be worth some closer inspection. In Marquette County there is an abandoned gold mine called Ropers, any rivers within this locality should be test panned and prospected as it is likely gold has found its way into the surrounding river systems.

In Southeast lower Michigan gold has been found in minor amounts in the majority of streams that have been test paned in Washtenaw, Livingston, Lenawee, Jackson, and Oakland Counties

There are also several rumors about large find by individual prospectors in The Huron Mountains. If these claims are indeed true then there is a LOT more gold in Michigan than is generally known. The Huron River near An Arbor has been found to contain small amounts of placer gold.